Our themes can be purchased through the Zendesk Theme Marketplace or our website. The extensions and services can be purchased only on our website. 

The Zendesk Theme Marketplace offers Standard and Developer theme licenses. The Standard license only allows customization using theme settings, whereas the Developer license provides access to the theme’s source code. Theme purchases on our website are equivalent to the Zendesk Developer theme license. 

Payment methods

We use world leaders' payment platforms only. Your payments are processed securely by the gateway. We accept:

  • Debit and credit cards      
  • Bank transfers  
  • Checks  
Cards Bank transfers Checks
Choose the Credit card payment and enter all the details.


If you experience problems with the payment gateways, please inform us. It would be nice if you could send us a copy of the bug description or a screenshot.

Immediate access to the theme

Themes purchased through the Zendesk Marketplace will be automatically installed in your account, whereas themes purchased through our website need to be installed into Zendesk Guide. For more information, refer to our article on how to install your Zendesk theme.

You’ll get a Zendesk theme theme once you’ve completed the purchase process. The theme is normally delivered to your email within 3-5 minutes

You will receive a zip with source files (HTML templates, JS and CSS files, and images) in your email. Start using your new wonderful Help Center immediately after purchase.

Fully transparent prices

Themes pricing. You can find the price for each of our themes in our catalog. The price of a theme includes its purchase and installation to your Zendesk Help Center. Any Zendesk template or service will cost you exactly the price specified in the catalog.

Services pricing. Some of the services (such as Starter and Advanced customization) are rather standard, and you can find the price for each of them in our catalog. The cost of other services (such as the Unlimited customization package) depends on the difficulty level and is calculated separately in each case. Share your customization requirements with us, and we will calculate the cost. Some of the services (such as installation) are free since they don't require much time.

No hidden payment

  1. No monthly fee! All prices are one-off.
  2. No extra payments.
  3. No taxes.
  4. No commissions.
  5. It doesn’t matter whether you use an existing Help Center or create a new one, how much content, or how many agents you have.
  6. The prices you see in the catalog or cart are final.


The Zendesk plan price is not included in the theme price. You’ll need to purchase a Zendesk plan subscription and template separately.

After-purchase support

We are interested in long-term relationships, so we offer our customers open-ended support.

Our specialists are highly qualified professionals. It doesn’t matter what your question is about — design, layout, using the code in Zendesk architecture — we will always help and find a solution! For each request, we have an expert who can fix it best.

If any problem occurs during the installation process, or if the theme for some reason works differently than expected, or an error occurs during the download, or if you need general getting started instructions, you can always rely on our Customer Support for free.

Free Installation

To avoid common issues, we provide our clients with a free installation service.


We provide warranty coverage for all our themes for 3 months. There is almost no chance of encountering a mistake in our templates as they are tested thoroughly before the sale. Nevertheless, in case of any mistakes, we’ll do everything possible to correct them immediately. We always stay in touch to help you with any possible issues.

You can also get an additional guarantee for 12 months by purchasing one of our annual protection plans with extra benefits.

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